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Our Mission

Motivate, Empower, and Equip individuals to

become self-sufficient and stable through

Employment and Life Skills

Our Programs

Job Readiness Week

1 Week | Monday-Friday

8:30 AM -1:30 PM

Attendance is Mandatory

Soft & Hard Skills, Mock interview, Resume

Building, Dressing for Success, Networking,

and more. 



Step One:

Job Readiness is a week-long workshop that teaches job skills and encourages individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

Conducted by a team of volunteers and staff, the training encourages accountability and responsibility. Participants gain insight and skills for effective communications, job search tactics, resume development, networking, conflict & anger management, reflective listening, dressing for success, interviewing, and job retention.


If offered a partnership, participants also receive a one-on-one Employment Counselor. Counselors assist all graduates with potential employment and follow-up support.


After Job Readiness week, participants have the opportunity to learn more about budgeting, personal and relationship development, goal setting, and more through our Life Skills program and various bridge programs. There is a community of support, including staff, volunteers, and other participants that inspires lasting change with the goal of long term stability.

Bridge Programs:

  • Life Skills

  • Men's Character Development

  • Women's Character Development

  • Money Boot Camp

Step Two: Life Skills

Step Three: Staying Connected

StepUp Greensboro is a family. By staying connected to the network of StepUp peers, mentors and volunteers, individuals are able to continue their growth towards a positive future as well as reach a hand back to help the next person.

Through our Alumni Program, participants continue to develop their own careers and communication skills as well as be a StepUp ambassador for future participants.

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Our Steps to Success

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