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About StepUp Greensboro

StepUp Greensboro is a  non-profit community of diverse faiths that partners with adults and children in the shared goal of stable lives through job training.





We believe that anyone can change his or her life when given the opportunity and time.  With the hundreds of men and women we have worked with, we have learned that people can and want to change.  StepUp Greensboro's process provides an opportunity for participants to transform their lives.

We work with disadvantaged, low-income, jobless, underemployed, and homeless individuals and their families.  Our Job Readiness program participants must be 18+ years old, free of substance abuse and domestic violence, have no pending criminal charges, and be able to present a Social Security card.

The first step is a job.  Our week-long Job Readiness program teaches skills that enable participants to find, land and keep a job.

Compassionate Accountability.  StepUp offers a hand-up, not a handout. We develop relationships that support our participants while strengthening and requiring their personal accountability.

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